from a letter sent to FFI from Dmity (Lilith) Pronin, currently detained at Glades County Detention Center

Thank you for everything you do for us immigrants!

I am a transgender woman in ICE custody at Glades, currently in transition. You have permission to use my real name if you wish to publish my story.

We here at Glades have trouble with receiving or obtaining medical help ESPECIALLY for coronavirus. A guy named Perez-Montufa from the cubicle next to me, from the same unit as me, has recently died of coronavirus. ICE does not care, and they continue moving people around, thus spreading the disease. I myself am a Fraihat v. ICE  class member, but ICE does not even consider letting me out.

I personally have problems being discriminated against by staff in this facility, both on the grounds of me being transgender, and me being from Russia. Deputy [name withheld] during my final hearing on Sept. 1st this year (no decision from the judge yet) allowed herself such comments as "He is acting it up," albeit technically she is supposed to be just a court staff. Deputy [name withheld] told me "Go the f**k back to Russia." Staff also spreads rumors and gossip about my criminal charges on on the unit. Deputy [name withheld] went so far as to tell several other detainees ... that I am here for murder!

Staff in this facility routinely use profanity against me and against other detainees. Since staff started spreading gossip to others that I am transgender, I don't know how much longer I will be able to last here in general population, and confinement/PC here is nasty.

I hope and pray you understand how difficult it is to be a transgender woman in a 100% male facility. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your time and attention too.

Best wishes and take care,

Very truly yours

Dmitry, aka Lilith, Pronin