Help Keep Maria Luz’s family together

Source: Crowdrise

Maria Luz has been in the US for 27 years and now has only until September 29, 2017 — less than two weeks — to raise $2,000 to pay her lawyer’s fee or be deported. She is the mother of four children, all U.S. citizens, ranging from 19 to 27 years of age. Her older son has autism and schizophrenia and needs his mother’s care. Maria Luz’s children have been trying to take care of each other and support their mother while she has been in immigration detention, but they have exhausted their financial resources. This family needs your help in order to not be separated.

After having pulled together and already paid $6,500 to a lawyer to fight her immigration case, Maria Luz’s children are now struck with the immediate reality that if they do not raise another $2,000, their mother will be deported in just over a week. The immigration judge recently denied her case, and Maria Luz wants to appeal. Her lawyer has defended her case thus far, applied for a U-visa (a visa for victims of crimes and abuse), and is willing to appeal the decision. The lawyer thinks her appeal case is strong, and is ready to take it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — once she receives compensation for her work. Please donate today to Maria Luz’s legal fund and keep this family intact and safe. Don’t let Maria Luz be sent far away from her son with disabilities and the rest of her children. You can make a very important difference in all of their lives. Let’s pay the legal fees and free Maria Luz!

Maria’s face has been blurred for her safety. She is the victim of repeated abuse by the same person. Her name has been changed to protect the family.