From a letter sent to FFI by Ricardo Robinson

To Whom It May Concern,

On September 26, 2019, at around or about 8:30 pm I experienced what I always see on the news about racism, hate and excessive brutality of the officers within the jail system in America.

My name is Ricardo Robinson. I am an inmate at the Yuba County Jail in Marysville, CA, which is also an ICE facility for immigration detainees.

I joined a line to see the nurse that night to ask her about my medical request form I sent her earlier that week. Upon joining the line, she - the nurse - indicated to me to walk up to her. While the nurse was gesturing to me, at this time the officer did not see her corresponding with me. An officer at this time screamed at me to back off from the nurse. I responded to him by saying "You don't have to be disrespectful, because it's the nurse who had called me up." Within seconds he was already in my face with anger and rage as if he wanted to kill me. At this time, he grabbed my arm and pushed me through the door, which is a sliding door, to enter the dorm, into the wall where they monitor the inmates. Before I could adjust my balance, I was approached by the officer with a more aggressive manner with his elbow, striking me in my neck, which stunned me. At this time, I could hear the nurse and every one of the inmates screaming for him to stop. The fury he has inside of him blocked out the sense of hearing and he tossed me another couple of feet into the glass of another pod, where again he lunged at me with his heavier weight, hurting my rib and elbow, trying to restrain me to be handcuffed. While trying to handcuff me he was still screaming in my face, allowing his saliva to disperse in my face. The officer got one handcuff on my hand, squeezing it so tight it scarred my skin, until about six (6) more officers came to assist him.

I was taken to Medical to check on my injuries, and was given Tylenol by the nurse to help with the pain I was feeling after the attack on me. I was then taken to booking and locked in a cell for about an hour then taken back to my cell. I was not disciplined because they could not find me at fault.

I am currently being delayed to receive an x-ray on my rib. I cannot sleep at nights since the incident. The bathroom is covered in black mold where it's covered with sheet metal, as well as the vents that are not being cleaned. Very unhealthy for human beings at this point.

This place is not fit for housing inmates. There is a sewer problem in the dorm and the inmates are being treated worse than abandoned animals on the streets. I am praying that you could be a voice for us living here from the outside world. It would be unfair to say that everyone here acts towards inmates in a hateful manner. They do have correctional officers who act like human beings. I am praying that my prayers are answered that whoever is an activist on this matter that has my story is of much help to your agency or agencies. May God continue to bless you on your campaign to continue helping immigrants who have helped this country to be where it is today.

Thank you.