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Why Does ICE Fear Us?

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and ICE are trying to silence us. But we will continue to speak out. Our names are Catherine, Carl, Ann and William, and we are volunteers with Freedom for Immigrants, formerly known as CIVIC, and we want to know: Why does ICE fear

“Papers? I have papers, but not the ones they want to read”

Poetry by Maria Ibarra-Frayre Photo Credit: Tina Shull #### **Papers?** I have thousands of them, Tucked in and out of notebooks, Detailing the coldness of shackles Around your ankles, And handcuffs tied to swollen wrists Papers, salty with children’s tears And sweat of fathers and mothers gripping tightly To tiny

Why Do I Visit People in Immigration Detention?

by Jan Meslin Art on the border wall in Playas Tijuana, Mexico. “Standing on the Side of Love” is an advocacy campaign against all forms of oppression by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Photo Credit: Tina Shull I just got a call from the Pine Prairie Detention Center in Pine Prairie,