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PODCAST: J. vs. Estados Unidos

The word of two Guatemalan migrant minors versus that of the largest and one of the most secretive law enforcement agencies in the United States. What does it take to believe women who decide to come forward?

Indefensible Podcast: Cooking Up Resistance

How Patrick Thaxter, who spent three years in immigration detention, resisted deportation Patrick Thaxter is a former chef who now works quietly in the kitchen of a good friend in Germantown, Philadelphia. Originally from Jamaica, he traveled to the U.S. for a soccer tournament eighteen years ago. On that

Indefensible Podcast

Listen to Episode 1 of a new podcast about people resisting deportation by Will Coley and the Immigrant Defense Project #### Episode 1: Land of the Free, but Only for Some: Eddy Arias remembers the night he was pulled over by the Houston Texas police. It was first time he had

Kismet Episode 12: Kouraboure and Diane

On any given day, thousands of immigrants in the United States are being held in detention, mostly to the benefit of for-profit prison corporations. Kouraboure, who fled political persecution in his home country of Burkina Faso, is one of them. The for-profit Elizabeth Detention Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Photo