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La Caravana de los Mutilados: What the Beast Has Wrought

by Joseph Sorrentino Members of La Caravana de los Mutilados protest in Mexico City I spent six weeks in Mexico in 2015, investigating the effects of *Plan Frontera Sur*, the Mexican program supposedly designed to keep Central Americans migrating through that country safe. All it really did was stop them

Last Night in the Shelter, Menores en el Camino

by Joseph Sorrentino The Menores en el Camino shelter in Oaxaca, Mexico. The numbers out front are the country codes for the Northern Triangle Countries. Salvador is 503; Guatemala is 502; Honduras is 504; Nicaragua is 505. ### Noel Noel had been walking for about ten hours when we met him

12 Dias: Searching for an American Dream

by Alondra Pegueros Photo Credit: Tina Shull *My mother gave me a piece of advice that stuck with me. “Don’t forget where you come from.” I come from Mexico and I was raised in the United States. My whole life I have come across people who have more opportunities


Unwilling to return home, unable to continue their journey, thousands of Central Americans find themselves trapped in Mexico. by Joseph Sorrentino Rafts on the Rio Suchiate Jorge and Kevin, two friends, worked as a team on a bus in Ceiba, the third largest city in Honduras, Jorge driving and Kevin

How the U.S. “Solved” the Central American Migrant Crisis

By getting Mexico to do its dirty work — and making tens of thousands of migrants more vulnerable to rape, kidnapping, extortion and murder. by Joseph Sorrentino Evelyn, an asylum-seeker from Guatemala; La Patrona, Veracruz *La Bestia* is running empty now. For years, the freight trains collectively known as “The Beast”