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Update: Luis has been granted a minimum bond at his hearing on January 17th and is being released today! UC Berkeley student Luis Mora spent over two weeks in immigration detention in San Diego’s for-profit Otay Mesa facility. He was arrested for overstaying his student visa, and describes his

Miguel Williamson Has Been Taken Back Into ICE Custody in Retaliation

Please Contribute to his Urgent Legal Fees Fund Miguel Williamson was detained in immigration detention for years at the Etowah County Detention Center, among other facilities. In May 2014, Williamson suffered a massive heart attack that led to double kidney failure. Mr. Williamson was in the custody of Immigration and

California Signs Dignity Not Detention Act Into Law

The Act will Bring Needed Accountability to Private Immigration Prisons Photo Credit: CIVIC ***October 5, 2017 ***— Today, Governor Brown signed SB 29, the Dignity Not Detention Act, into law, effectively freezing the growth of private, for-profit immigration detention facilities in the state of California. The bill also prohibits cities or

#stopICEcold Toolkit by the Immigrant Defense Project

Immigrant Defense Project #stopICEcold Toolkit From the Immigrant Defense Project: Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests, the product of IDP’s and CCR’s collective work against ICE arrests under Bush and Obama, serves as the first comprehensive guide and organizing resource to fight back against the Trump administration’

The Viacrusis Catorce

by Nicole Ramos Photo credit: Nicole Ramos We walk single file through the port-of-entry: 14 asylum seekers, 3 attorneys, and a cadre of human rights observers. A Mexican official, who never quite identifies himself, begins to take video of us as we walk, surveying us for a reason that I

The Justice of the Immigration Court and the Power of its Judge King

by Ana M. Fores Tamayo Ternura, by Oswaldo Guayasamin © 1989 From [*Adjunct Justice*]( I went to an Immigration Merits Hearing at the Dallas Courts recently — the last hearing before an individual or family is deported or given asylum — and this young mother


September 30th marked the twentieth anniversary of the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). Immigrant rights groups shine a light on the dark legacy of the 1996 laws and collectively challenge lawmakers to Fix ‘96. The #BringJoseBack campaign: