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Support the Berta Cáceres Act

by Suzanne Llewellyn School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) Border Convergence in Nogales, October 2016. Vigil honoring Berta Cáceres (pictured above). Photo credit: Tina Shull I recently visited Honduras on a pilgrimage to identify root causes of migration from that country months after world-renowned indigenous, environmental, women, and human rights

Supreme Court Punts on Prolonged Detention

What this week’s non-decision on Jennings v. Rodriguez means for immigrants in detention awaiting a hearing On the last day of this term, the Supreme Court announced that it will re-hear arguments in [Jennings v. Rodriguez](, the case about prolonged immigration detention

The Viacrusis Catorce

by Nicole Ramos Photo credit: Nicole Ramos We walk single file through the port-of-entry: 14 asylum seekers, 3 attorneys, and a cadre of human rights observers. A Mexican official, who never quite identifies himself, begins to take video of us as we walk, surveying us for a reason that I

Dear Public: We Want Every Immigrant to be Heard

Maria Ortiz Cortez was released after being detained for a year and a half at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, CA Maria with her children, Brandon and Marisela **UPDATE: CIVIC was able to help raise Maria’s bond, and on her birthday, June 9, 2017, she was released

In Memory of Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph

This week, CIVIC is mourning the loss of two more people who died in immigration detention, Jean Carlos Jiménez-Joseph and Atulkumar Babubhai Patel. Both of these individuals died within 2 days of each other in Georgia. El Refugio, which is the CIVIC-affiliated visitation program at the Stewart Detention Center, was

VOICE: Victims of ICE

CIVIC’s weekly spotlight on crimes committed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This week’s crime: Medical Neglect Cesar writes from the Adelanto Detention Facility:We were in quarantine from April 1st to April 20th… I did write to three news publications but it might not have made the

How the U.S. “Solved” the Central American Migrant Crisis

By getting Mexico to do its dirty work — and making tens of thousands of migrants more vulnerable to rape, kidnapping, extortion and murder. by Joseph Sorrentino Evelyn, an asylum-seeker from Guatemala; La Patrona, Veracruz *La Bestia* is running empty now. For years, the freight trains collectively known as “The Beast”

Imprisoned Justice

Human Rights Groups Release Report Focused on Georgia Immigration Detention Centers Photo Credit: Steve Pavey “SEGREGATION IS LIKE HELL. IT IS TOTAL ISOLATION.” -Detained Immigrant at the Stewart Detention Center “I HAVE BEEN AT THE DETENTION CENTER FOR EIGHTEEN MONTHS AND I HAVE ASKED FOR NEW SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, AND BLANKETS,