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A Father Ripped Away From His Daughter

Jose, a Mexican artist, faces deportation and life without his 9-year-old daughter. You can help keep them together. Jose is a Mexican artist, who has been detained in immigration for over eight months. Linda Olvera, through Freedom for Immigrants, has been assisting Jose since then in many ways but, most

Why Does ICE Fear Us?

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and ICE are trying to silence us. But we will continue to speak out. Our names are Catherine, Carl, Ann and William, and we are volunteers with Freedom for Immigrants, formerly known as CIVIC, and we want to know: Why does ICE fear

Urgent Action: Border Officials Forcibly Separate Families

Four asylum-seeking fathers have been separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border. Sign the petition, call and write to CBP and ICE to demand their release and family reunification! José Demar Fuentes, 30, and his son Mateo. Photo Credit: Pueblo sin Fronteras From Amnesty International: US border

ACT NOW: Demand Brenda receieve proper medical care at Laredo

*From *[*Grassroots Leadership*](* and Texas United for Families:* Brenda has been forced to make the impossible decision of choosing her own voluntary deportation over remaining in detention, where she fears death. She has been transferred to the Laredo Detention Center, known for deplorable medical attention, where she