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"I almost died in ICE custody."

While Raju was detained for a year in New York, medical neglect gave him severe epilepsy. Now his wife and daughter fear his deportation to Jamaica will be a death sentence.

Miguel Williamson Has Been Taken Back Into ICE Custody in Retaliation

Please Contribute to his Urgent Legal Fees Fund Miguel Williamson was detained in immigration detention for years at the Etowah County Detention Center, among other facilities. In May 2014, Williamson suffered a massive heart attack that led to double kidney failure. Mr. Williamson was in the custody of Immigration and

ACT NOW: Demand Brenda receieve proper medical care at Laredo

*From *[*Grassroots Leadership*](* and Texas United for Families:* Brenda has been forced to make the impossible decision of choosing her own voluntary deportation over remaining in detention, where she fears death. She has been transferred to the Laredo Detention Center, known for deplorable medical attention, where she