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"I almost died in ICE custody."

While Raju was detained for a year in New York, medical neglect gave him severe epilepsy. Now his wife and daughter fear his deportation to Jamaica will be a death sentence.

I Quit My Job Because Of ICE. You Can, Too.

Jordon’s story went viral after he quit his job rather than help ICE tear families apart. He wants others to follow in his footsteps. When you learn CPR, one of the things you learn is that before beginning chest compressions, you need to get someone to call 911. If

A Father Ripped Away From His Daughter

Jose, a Mexican artist, faces deportation and life without his 9-year-old daughter. You can help keep them together. Jose is a Mexican artist, who has been detained in immigration for over eight months. Linda Olvera, through Freedom for Immigrants, has been assisting Jose since then in many ways but, most

Loveable Little Lelo

A poem from a detained father to his son Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on UnSplash It is a pleasure to share my poem with *IMM Print. *I hope my poem will make many others smiling, motivated, and encouraged. For me and my son it will be always a wonderful memory.