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Stop GEO in McFarland!

Here, Jan Meslin recounts her experience at a recent community meeting in McFarland, CA, where GEO is actively lobbying for more immigration detention facilities.

Only Words

A Poem by William Lopez *TW: Deportation Violence* August 1, 2017 Many community members rallied at the airport to protest the deportation of a loved and valued mujer from a county in the Midwestern U.S. Her deportation is one of the 400,000 that occur every year, with each

Rapid Responders: Protecting Communities Against ICE Raids

by Nina Randazzo Image Credit: Mijente Know Your Rights 2017 The room is filled with people of all ages discussing what kind of information to record when witnessing an ICE raid. “Use of force.” “Abusive language.” “Entering a home without a warrant.” This is a training session for rapid responders,