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Ex-Military Officer from Venezuela Seeks Asylum

The sketches that appear here were collected from Helegner Tijera Moreno, a former Venezuelan army officer, who fled his country to seek asylum in the U.S. Instead, he has been detained for nearly two years at the Otero County Detention Center in New Mexico and denied parole.Helegner arrived

Criminalizing the Right of Asylum: The Story of Bachir Bah

by Conner MartinezBachir Bah is a Guinean refugee that spent over eight months detained in a rural New Mexico detention center before receiving asylum.His journey to the United States began one night in December of 2016, when government officials came to his home and attempted to capture and imprison

Political Asylum: DENIED

Eleven months ago Alexey Kharis went to DHS in San Francisco to receive the verdict on his appeal for political asylum. Then he was arrested and thrown into detention. (Part 1 of 2)Like many entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, 43-year-old Alexey Kharis had big dreams for a startup business

What You Need To Know About #WhereAreTheChildren

The separation of families and the government “losing track” of immigrant children are two separate issues but part of the same problem: our broken immigration system. Recently, two concerning stories about immigrants have been getting attention: one, that the federal government has lost track of almost 1,500 immigrant children;

Putting Ourselves In The Shoes Of Asylum Seekers

A former child refugee reflects on how she pays it forward and invites us to rethink our perspectives on migration *“Days, weeks, a month, hand in hand.* We go sick, without eating, without drinking, without sleeping, Or when we speak, we do so crying, Because there is nothing left for