by Abraham Kamara, currently detained at Howard County Detention Center

You try everything, nothing seems to work

Make God the center of your life even if you put him first

You was born to be a blessing but you living like you curse

Seek and you shall find, you don't even got to search

All I see is pain, everyday I'm feeling hurt

I just invest in Jesus cause he know how much I'm worth

I will live again even if they bury me in the dirt

Art by Josh MacPhee

I'm prepared for the end, it's gonna be heaven on earth

He came to give us light

And show us wrong from right

I was blind now I got my sight

I was ready to let go

Now I hold on tight

What you got to lose

He already won the fight

He prepared a feast so we can eat

The Holy Spirit came and gave us Peace

Just ask and you shall receive

He will humble you and bring you to your knees

All you got to do is have Faith

Believe in Christ that's what it's gonna take

He already set the race

Run with patience at your own pace

Keep your eye on Jesus he will show you his Face

You need direction, Holy Spirit show the way

I was a slave to sin, every day I prayed

Nobody perfect, we all make mistakes

Keep your grass cut, the Devil is the Snake

He had me stuck in trap I almost didn't escape

God is good, God is great

He got perfect timing if you wait

The Lord amazing I got to say my grace

He gave me a gift I can't put to waste

When all else fails he'll keep you safe

Only God can judge me and help me beat the case