by Abraham Kamara, currently detained at Howard County Detention Center

Nobody really knows what I'm going through

I just talk to God cause I can't talk to you

Want me to tell a lie that's what the devil do

Seeing is believing anything is possible

I'd rather write rhymes than watch the news

When you locked up it's not a lot to do

I'm caged in like I'm in the zoo

Like Jason Voyce with a jumpsuit

I can make it - anything is possible

I just got to overcome these obstacles

My heart was cold like a popsicle

Now I'm sitting in a cell thinking philosophical

Should I quit now cause I don't got a lot to lose

I'm usually anti-social but some people think I'm rude

If I don't got nothing good to say then I stay on mute

My situation looking ugly ain't nothing cute

I guess that's what happens when you act a fool

How can I be blessed if I don't play by the rules

I'm praying God I don't care if you don't think that's so

Cause everything I did was for me

But you thought it was for you

I wasn't thinking straight when I made mistakes

You didn't think I would get it until I catch a break

A lot of people fake, I can see it in their face

You dead broke around me, you're just dead weight

I was guilty in all my case

You wanted me locked away

You won't be satisfied until I'm in the grave

I put my momma in pain

Cause I went against the grain

Even the immigration judge didn't think that I can change

It's such a shame to get caught in this dirty game

I can't call on you so I call on the Lord's name

Stress weighing heavy on my brain

If it wasn't for Jesus I would of been insane

Anything is possible when I'm free from the chains

The devil want to burn me and pull my soul to flames

I don't care about money, you can keep the fame

I'm just trying to get back on the road to heaven

And stay in my lane.