by Emitiel Prophet, currently detained at Wakulla County Jail

Trees fall,

Leaves fall,

We fall and have a choice to get up through it all.

It might be off a bike,

It's OK, get up and keep peddling.

Might from people who say "This person, I don't like,"

No worries, to that person, don't settle in.

I know it's hard,

You locked away and feel like you fell short

Thinking you dealt the wrong card,

And smoked your chances away like a Newport

Chin up, wipe those tears & don't feel scared,

Life isn't a game but think of it as a new sport.

Where you're on a winning team,

Ready to beat any odds you meet.

No matter how tough it seems,

You won't accept defeat.

We face storms,

On the outside & within.

That leaves us sore

But we still grin.

You're strong, not weak.

Not gone,

Nor decrease.

You may have come up from the pavement,

It's alright you're worth it.

They're applauding, proud and gazing,

Just smile, cause from the start you deserved it.

Trees fall,

Leaves fall,

We fall, I hope you make the choice to fight through it all.