Please Contribute to his Urgent Legal Fees Fund

Miguel Williamson was detained in immigration detention for years at the Etowah County Detention Center, among other facilities. In May 2014, Williamson suffered a massive heart attack that led to double kidney failure. Mr. Williamson was in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and his repeated requests for medical attention were dismissed, misdiagnosed, or denied. Williamson’s wife, Sandra, advocated that her husband receive better medical care. She traveled to Alabama from her home state of Connecticut, but she was denied the ability to visit Miguel and the facility staff called the police on her.

The doctors at the hospital told Miguel he was lucky to be alive and that he almost died in ICE’s care. Later, Miguel was released from immigration detention because ICE could not remove him, but neither could they provide adequate medical care.

Since then, Williamson and his family pursued a lawsuit against the facility. Now that the suit has been officially filed, ICE has retaliated against Mr. Williamson and has taken him back into custody at the Suffolk Facility in Massachusetts. He is not receiving his medication and his family fears his health will deteriorate again.

Please help us raise funds so that Miguel may apply for a special visa for victims of crime in the U.S. He and his family are in dire need of our support!

Please watch this video, in which Miguel describes his experience in detention in his own words:

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