A letter sent to FFI from Sri Lankan refugees at Folkston ICE Processing Center and Stewart Detention Center

A solidarity greeting from Sri Lankan refugees. We hope you are well despite the circumstances. Thanks to contact with us. It's a lot to us.

We all came to the US to save our lives and get a peaceful future. We never thought our life would be destroyed like this here. Georgia is a hell for innocent refugees. Many Sri Lankans are stuck here more than 2 years even though we didn't do any criminal activities. We don't have any felony charges. We have relatives here [but] they don't want to give us bond or parole. We submit all all documents, still they reject our asylum. We appealed to BIA. Still again they're denying our asylum [at] Folkston Ice Processing Center and Stewart Detention Center. Doing this to most of the immigrants there. Many people got COVID-19. Still they don't care.

We are struggling here a lot. We hope organizations like your will end immigration detention in [the] future [or] at least they can get freedom early.

We are all waiting here with dreams, sadness, depression, loneliness and hoping to get freedom. We will always support youfor this kindness effort.


Sri Lankan Refugees