A poem from a detained father to his son

Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on UnSplash

It is a pleasure to share my poem with *IMM Print. *I hope my poem will make many others smiling, motivated, and encouraged. For me and my son it will be always a wonderful memory.

Loveable Little Lelo

by Alfred

My Loveable Little Lelo
Best friend, you are my favorite fellow.

Next time you eat chicken alfredo,
Imagine me and your grandpa, we are at the table.
Eating together with ginger ale, 
and a side of vanilla ice cream, to do it well.

Pretty soon that will really happen,
Hugs, kisses and high fives slapping.

Love you more than you love football,
Last time we spoke was a real good call.

Miss you more than anyone on earth, 
Infinity is what you’re worth.

Keep being good, for your mom Glorivette,
I apologize I haven’t been there lately
Want you to know that I miss you greatly.

I’ll be there before you know it,
With a football we can catch and throw it,
Excited to see you.

You’re my best friend, my best friend until the end.
Thinking about you I get so happy,
So happy I get to be your Dad.

So lucky I have you as a son,
Hanging out with you is so much fun,

My Loveable Lelo I’ll be there soon
so we can watch Full House and your favorite cartoons…

Alfred is currently in immigration detention in the Chicago area and supported by the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants.

To learn more about immigration detention and to join CIVIC’s movement to close immigrant prisons, visit endisolation.org.

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