From a translated letter sent to FFI from Ana*, currently detained at El Paso ICE Processing Center

Hello, my name is Ana*. I’m thirty-three years old. I’m from Honduras and have been detained for nine months in this detention center. I’ll tell you a little of the story of my time here in this detention center.

On December 22, 2019, I decided to cross the wall without weighing the consequences. I fell from the wall and suffered a pelvic fracture in the left leg. A Border Patrol official found me and right away they took me to the hospital. There they treated me very well, for which I’m very grateful.

On December 24, I left the hospital and on December 25, they tried to return me to Ciudad Juárez. But because I was walking on crutches they didn’t accept me. On December 26 I arrived at the detention center processing center. And because I arrived on crutches it wasn’t easy. But God never abandoned me. Thanks to Him I am alive and calling out to Him has given me health in this place and the strength to keep fighting. During my nine months here I haven’t had the chance to leave with a bond nor with parole nor with conditional release. But I ask God that soon I will be able to leave here. It’s what I desire most: a miracle.

In April 2020, in the cell where I am held, my cellmates tested positive for COVID-19. Starting that month, there were a lot of cases and it became a big cause of fear. We were discriminated against by the officials. For my part it wasn’t easy to live like this in my condition on crutches. The center stopped everything. I had begun therapy but I wasn’t allowed to finish it. Just remembering those horrible days I begin to cry. In this place there’s no humanity. One suffers psychologically here having to put up with so many humiliations. I stopped walking on crutches in July this year and I started to walk little by little. Today I am walking well and COVID-19 is a part of our lives. We live with many people and with COVID-19.

Today, I am positive with COVID-19. I will keep fighting with God’s help.

I hope that you read my story and think about everything I’ve gone through in this place. I have faith that I will get out of here soon and be able to see my family.

I want to thank every organization that has been here for us in this place. May God bless all these organizations. I send you a big hug. Take care of your health and your families. With much love for the organization Freedom for Immigrants. Bless you.

I’ll say goodbye with this song:

I fought like a soldier

At times I suffered,

But I won the fight.

I come to you

And submerge myself in the river of your spirit

I need to refresh this parched heart

That thirsts for you.

God is our strength in every “battle.”

Caption above her drawing: Jehova is my light and my strength in every battle

* Name changed for privacy purposes

Translation provided by David Golding