From a letter sent to FFI from Francisco Urbina, currently detained at Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach, FL.

I want to thank you for being interested in my case and for helping me — God bless you.

I consider myself a responsible, hard-working person. I worked as a baker making donuts for a bakery in St. Cloud, Florida for ten years. During this period of time the bakery remained in the top five best bakeries in Central Florida. We even won 1st place for the best donuts in Central Florida. I’m very proud of this because I love making donuts. I was in charge of production, and my shift was from 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. My boss really trusted me and he gradually started increasing production.

The whole town knows Sip n’ Dip Donuts — even the local police officers know me, and asked for me on more than one occasion. Captain Morris also knows me; he was in charge of a case of robbery of which I was a victim, and I am sincerely grateful for everything he did for me.

[Prior to being detained] I lived in St. Cloud with my partner. She has two kids who love me like I’m their real father and I love them like they’re my own kids. The boy is twelve years old; his father abandoned him when his mother was pregnant. The girl is four years old. She adores me because her mom was an abuse victim; her father used to beat her mom while the girl was watching everything. I love them very much, and they are my life.

I’m very afraid of going back to Nicaragua. There is a political war happening right now. My mother lives there and she is very afraid of my returning due to the census that has been taking place for a few weeks. The purpose of the census is to find out how many males live per house. I would be the male at my house; I have four sisters, and if I return I can be incarcerated, kidnapped, or even murdered due to the fact that my family and I are against the current government.


Francisco Urbina