The Fernandez sisters with a photograph of their father. Mr. Fernandez was a legal permanent resident for 26 years before he was deported. CreditGregg Vigliotti for The New York Times.

Listen to Jennifer Fernandez, a U.S. citizen, discuss her experience being a victim of a home raid by ICE.

During the raid, ICE handcuffed her father, Nelson Fernandez, and disappeared him into the immigration detention system.

Jennifer was a victim of an ICE raid under the Obama administration. Under the Trump administration, ICE raids have increased by 40 percent!

Jennifer’s father Nelson, who was a legal permanent resident in the US for 26 years, was ultimately deported to the Dominican Republic after a judge re-opened an old conviction of his from 1992 once he was detained. He left behind his parents, brothers and sisters, and 6 US citizen children, including Jennifer.

Read more about their story and medical neglect Nelson experienced while being detained in New Jersey in the New York Times:

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