by Set Hernandez Rongkilyo

I am #undocumented, but to be quite honest, I am NOT #unafraid. There are so many things I fear right now, not just necessarily for myself but for the people I love. If anything, I am #uneasy. I am #uncertain. I am #unnverved. I am #unsettled. It feels like I and the people I love are constantly being pounded by this violent reality. But even though our spirits are beaten down to a pulp, our power can never be taken away from us. After all, things that are shattered can still be powerful. I may not be unafraid right now, but I will always be #unapologetic, #unwavering, #unashamed, #unrelenting. I’ve been writing this poem as I sort through these feelings of fearfulness, weakness, and brokenness. Thank you for your time, community