Hugo was last seen on April 13th on a highway between Mexico City and Puebla making a plea on Facebook Live. Here’s how you can help.

Photo from Hugo Castro’s Facebook page

**UPDATE, 4/18/17 2 p.m.: According to Hugo’s wife Gaba Cortes, he has been located alive!**

Border Angels Tijuana Director and beloved human rights activist Hugo Castro has not been seen since he posted a live Facebook plea for help on Thursday, April 13th. He was traveling to join the Viacrusis de Refugiados / Refugee Caravan 2017 to help raise awareness of the violence facing asylum seekers Central America making their way north through Mexico. But he never made his destination. Instead, he posted a disturbing 20-minute Facebook live video while alone on a highway between Mexico City and Puebla, describing how he had to flee from a criminal group threatening him.

Hugo is a U.S. citizen, dear friend, and fierce advocate for migrant rights whose efforts to provide shelter to refugees and deported migrants in Tijuana have garnered threats to his well-being in the past.

Here are three ways to help, immediately:

1. Make a phone call

From Hugo’s friend Kirsten Zittlau:

CALL TO ACTION: I know many of us who care greatly about Hugo are feeling somewhat helpless, but here is something we can do — please see below for the phone numbers of embassies and consulates we can all call repeatedly to urge them to do everything they possibly can to help find Hugo Castro:

US Embassy in Mexico (if calling from the US): 011–52–55–5080–2000

US Embassy in Mexico (if calling from Mexico): 01–55 5080–2000

Mexican Embassy in the US (in Washington DC): 1–202–728–1600

Mexican Consulate in San Diego: 1–619–231–8414

2. Donate to his wife Gaba Cortes and family’s efforts to travel to Mexico City to help the search

Donate one of two ways:

via Pay Pal:

direct deposit: 
Oxxo Saldazo
4766 8400 8537 7096
Gabriela Cortés López

In a Facebook status, Hugo’s wife Gaba Cortes says, “In a country of missing persons, Hugo Castro, you will not be one more number. You will not be a statistic. We will find you.”

1. Share his story


Democracy Now:

Latino Rebels:

NBC News:

San Diego Union Tribune:


Read a transcript of Hugo’s Facebook Live video, translated in English here.

Use the hashtag #BringHugoBackHome

Vigil for Hugo Castro on April 16th. Photo credit: Border Angels

Hugo plays with a Haitian child. Photo credit: KPBS

Hugo standing in front of a shelter for deported migrants in Playas Tijuana he has been renovating. Photo credit: Tina Shull

Copy and share Hugo’s missing persons notice