From a letter sent to FFI by Hafiz, currently detained at Adelanto ICE Processing Center

I am very grateful for your letter, the prayers, the hope, everything. Knowing some people are out there thinking about us takes some of our sadness away and it give us courage to hold on. Thank you for your love and care.

I have been in detention center from November 2018, and still fighting my case till now. I fled from my country (Ghana) because of a tribal chieftaincy conflict in the northern part of the country, which has led to the persecution of some of my family members and killing of my dad and older brother because of our involvement in the matter.

Politicization of the conflict by the government in power has led to killings and tortures by unknown assailants and government agents. I ran away for my life when my family was killed and I was tortured and threatened.

I fled from Africa and passed through South America to the deadly jungles of Central America to the United State. But being in detention this is something I can't even describe, just feeling hopeless, helpless, is not easy.

Having good people like you out there who thinks about us and share our sorrow is a good feeling. I will thank you once again. God bless you.