To the United States President, Donald Trump,

You Must represent ALL the citizens and residents of this Great Country, even the ones that did not vote for you. You promised that you were going to “Make This Country Great Again.” In your first 100 days in power, We have seen an increase in hate actions, by people who have been contaminated by your speech which generates hate and fear. For us, the minorities, you have become the greatest bully in the world.

You bully minorities, you bully communities because of their religious preferences; You bully communities based in gender and sexual orientations; You bully community members based on their country of origin and their skin color. You do like immigrants, but they have to come from Europe. You and your cabinet criminalize immigrants that have brown, light, or dark skin and come from the southern region of the Continent. You and your cabinet criminalize and bully Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorians, Haitians, Cubans, Venezuelans, Brazilians, etc.

Does bullying, attacking, and oppressing minorities, and communities based on their faith make America Greater? I think I am not the only one that is right now making that question in their mind. You are using international workers as scapegoats, blaming them of the failings in the system. You and your cabinet are not the only group who has done such horror. Let me inform you that a monster such as Adolph Hitler used similar actions to promote hate and fear. Does attacking and showing you have the power to destroy the world make you and your cabinet greater? We, The People think you are very, very wrong.

With due respect, you need to read, you and your cabinet need to educate yourself about the reality and greatness of the country: International Workers. Please educate yourself about such wonderful Anonymous Heroes: Bracero Workers. Bracero Workers came, rescued the country from starving, themselves and their families working under extreme conditions to bring American families fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, and juices. Guess what? Still, International Workers, with, or without documents, are anonymous heroes that STILL bring fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, meats, drinks, and SERVICE to the tables. With due respect, please stop bullying, oppressing, and punishing the families, relatives, and friends of such great heroes.

My father, my mother, my grandparents; all my family are part of such great heroes. My father, specially, who came as a teenager as a Bracero worker, needs to feel he has the right to peaceful enjoy his retirement. It is not easy to be extremely sick and be pressured by the one that should be providing your right to be or FEEL PROTECTED: The United States Government. My Dad, who people call “Don Roberto,” as thousands and thousands of Anonymous heroes, Bracero International Workers need to be, at least, if not honored and respected, as The People does not attacked or Bullied by authorities, specially the Chief of Executive, you, the one who said you “Will Make America Great Again”.

In 100 of days of your government being in power; We, The People / El Pueblo, ask, Which actions have been made that bring Greatness to the country? I still see thousands of homeless in the streets, specially Veterans.

I still see my friends, Deported Veterans such as Sargent Ruben Robles, a Vietnam Era Veteran, left behind by the US Government, but not by The People / El Pueblo, that has been helping Sargent Ruben Robles, Alex, Lx Hondo, Oscar Leiva , Hector Lopez,, Hector Barajas, Fabian Rebolledo, Al Al Varón (RIP, died in transition, in San Diego Hospital, where he was accepted, but in very critical conditions, after living deported, for years, in Colombia and Mexico. RIP, wonderful human being), Gonzalo Chaidez (RIP, US VET, died in Tijuana, 2015 after years left behind, the lack of medical attention accelerated his death, away from family, far away by the US Government), Johnny Montemayor (RIP, died, deported, in Rosarito, Baja, 2015, left behind by US Authorities. I learned from him, a Tango, Salsa, and Polk Culture lover, an athlete who, as result of PTSD, was trapped in alcohol and relapsed several occasion, but who was helping the community), Hector Barrios (Vietnam Era, RIP, died, deported, in Tijuana, 2014).

Deported U.S. Veterans honored on the border wall. Photo credit: Tina Shull

They, for many of us, are Heroes, who instead of being provided treatment, THEY where deported. They were left without any medical, physical or psychological treatment, in Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and around the world, deported, left behind, by the US Government. You haven’t brought them back; on the contrary, with you actions outside the country, you are bringing all of them into a more dangerous situation.

Further, Your Government have “normalized’ and created Fear and Hate to respected sisters and brothers who are part of the Abraham’s Tree: The descendants of Ismael, Muslims who what we know, respect our Lord Jesus Christ as one of the Greatest Prophets. Moreover, your Government officials, led by your command, have attacked religious group such Baptist Christians, Evangelical Christian, Catholic Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses whose only Crime, is living or being born South of the US/Mexico Border.

You closed the door for Asylum to victims of Forced Migration. You closed the door to the Haitian community; You closed the door for asylum to Central Americans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Salvadorians…You closed the door to all coming from either Mexico or any region SOUTH of the US/Mexico Border. You are justifying horrible actions, which are the result of YOUR DECLARATION based on ignorance, based on Fear, and based on Hate. Please stop. You have the historic opportunity to either be the worst president of the United States, one that promotes hate and fear, or one that educates himself, learns, and provides respect, peace, and justice to all of us who have the right to peacefully enjoy life with our loved ones.


Hugo Isaac Castro,

US Citizen, son and Grandson of Bracero Workers

Border Angels, Baja Coordinator