by Alicia, currently detained at Dodge County Detention Center in Juneau, WI.

Away from home I am …

I can’t wait for the day when I see them again …

Nothing seems the same, to not be able to tuck them in bed at night

Two beautiful souls are miles away from Mom tonight

As they wait eager for my return.

I must sit here patiently to determine where I must go.

It’s like sitting on death row.

Today I’m here but tomorrow I could be gone.

It’s a disgrace to know these are the consequences of from my actions, that could cause devastation to my children.

I once knew the feeling to be without my dad; I can’t imagine growing up without my mom.

Away from home I may be …

Even when I feel alone behind these four brick walls, I remind myself “HE” shall be with me and His amazing grace will take me back home to be a mom again.

Sketch by Alicia