From a letter sent to FFI by Erickson Martinez, currently awaiting deportation. He has lived in the US since he was 8 years old. On September 6th, we featured another letter from Erickson begging for medical assistance after his nose was broken by a DHS officer.

Mrs. Cindy Knoebel,

This is Erickson Martinez. This is the last letter I will do. Today I am heading to Louisiana and on Monday to my country Colombia.

It has been a pleasure and opportunity to have organizations like Freedom for Immigrants. Thank you for posting my art and thoughts while in custody.

It's been a journey of 36 months. On October 1 it will be 3 years of this battle to stay in this country which I have been in since 8 years old.

I'm leaving all my family and the protection of this country. Freedom is the biggest treasure a  man could have and these politicians and administration are twisting the real meaing of freedom. I was working on a drawing that was mailed to Mrs. Joan Anderson at Friends at Baker in Florida and my reason was to show the injustice done to all those kids which are not enjoying freedom but are being part of corporate incarceration in America which profits off the pain and suffering of others. Slavery has never ended. It has reformed itself.

With this stated letter I will like to thank you and all the ones involved in Freedom for Immigrants for all the help and love shared, and all the helpful supplies given by this organization. It's been a 8 month batter to get my operation for my fractured nose done while in DHS custody and DHS/ICE was trying to deport me with a broken nose. I got my operation and could finally breathe. There are lots of injustice done by ICE/DHS and agencies who have contracts with these organizations.

Thanks you for everything. Lots of love and respect for advocating for the freedom of immigrants.


Erickson Martinez

sketch included with Erickson's last letter