From a letter sent to FFI from SH, currently detained at Stewart Detention Center

A very small percentage of "us" detainees at this extemely prejudicial and unfair ICE civil detainment have had to endure many hurdles, a struggle to stop these ruthless immigration judges passing harsh judgement upon victims of circumstances who had to forego insurmountable odds and unfair prison sentences ... detained for white collar crimes, unable to voice one's one humanity due to lack of poor "legal assistance" and "indigence."  A deeply succumbed, painful unfathomable bewilderment.

Having resided legally in the US since 1979, I now face deportation back to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, not having returned nor visited in approximately 40 some odd years. My elderly parents are now naturalized American citizens. My octogenarian elderly father, a retired MD from Pakistan, sold our family home and his private practice to relocate to the USA. I am unfortunately bound in an extremely compromised situation, homeless with no reserves nor any immediate family to turn to.

My own medical career (an MD) from the Dominican Republic (school's accreditation annulled and school shut down due to some irregularities) has further added toward this personal dilemma. I have written to many organizations seeking solace and some monetary assistance to assist in some inmate commissary purchases. Sadly no one has extended any help other than some books and letters/cards focussing on my difficulties and deeply thought rhetoric.

If you madam or members of your mission could incorporate a gesture of kindness I can only amplify my gestured penitence and appreciation. God bless.

Editor's note: a contribution was made to SK's commissary through El Refugio