by MKF, currently detained at the Otay Mesa Detention Center

In July of 2008 I worked as a driver for a [name withheld] who was at the time a presiding vice president for the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa (RDC). On July 6, my boss was murdered by military hitmen on the orders of Andre Kimbuta who was the Governor of Kinshasa Province and a protegee of President Joseph Kabila. I witnessed that outrageous cowardly and monstrous event and inexplicably was spared. While I was driving my boss the military hitmen blocked the road with their car. My boss got out of the car to run and save his life, but they shot at him about 4 times. I also fled the scene to save my own life.

However, I made a terrible mistake when I gave an interview to  journalists and my truthful responses to other inquiries were broadcast. The same night after the interview a death sqad came looking for me at my dad's house and subjected my dad to terrible abuse, asking him to betray my whereabouts. My dad ended up in the hospital, and my extended family relayed to me at my hiding place that I had to leave RDC as soon as possible.

Full of guilt and regret and blaming myself in a hateful way for having been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and then speaking out of turn and exposing my family to harm, I - with the help of a decent man from the RDC who earned his living as a hunter - crossed the "bush" into the city of Dundu in the Republic of Angola, illegally, needless to say.

Fortunately, a Baptist church pastor had mercy on me and offered me his assistance. He helped me travel to Luanda, the capitol city of Angola, where he recommended me to a powerful friend of his, a general. The General took me under his wing and provided me with with and Angolan documents. I worked in his household faithfully and dutifully. However, it seems that indigent dependency creates a magnet of fragility, and that attracts predators ready and willing to pick, target and directly impact me as a scapegoat. I was falsely, unfairly, and viciously accused of a crime of which was I was not in the least implicated.

As a result of the gravity of the accusation and the direct and lethal violence unjustly aimed toward me, I had to once more run for my life.

If I may rewind this narrative, two years prior to 2015 I must put forth that, because of my tenous and dependant status on what I already identified as unpredictable forces lined up impersonally against me, I had applied for a visit at the US Embassy. Sadly, I was turned down.

And so it was that staying one step ahead of those unwarranted violent forces I flew to Brazil on March 10, 2017 and escaped again from one more episode of persecution and torture. In Brazil, I ran into the nephew of the General and he let me know they were going to take revenge on my and, no doubt, death at the hands of impersonal forces over which I had categorically no control.

I have never had any intention as a young man to leave my country of origin, let alone voluntarily expose myself to the slings and arrows of a cross-continental odyssey through Brazil (10 days), Peru (5 days), Ecuador (2 days), Colombia (3 days), Panama (5 days), Costa Rica (4 days), Nicaragua (1 day), Honduras (2 days), Guatemala (2 days) and Mexico (13 days). My foundational reason for this rolling-stone campaign of defensive manoeuvers of a category of existential threat where, thanks to Almighty God, my instincts for self-preservation so far have prevailed.

Most everything has been taken from me and thrown to the wastebasket, and the question, "Is that everything you have?" has been posed. Please, Your Honor, grant me a glimmer of hope so I can still retain a sliver of freedom so I can constructively control my feelins and remain brave, dignified and giving.

I like the United State of America because I know it is the best country all over the world in religious freedom and democracy. I can continue my religious activities without fear and without any persecution. Here I can go to church and join church activities. I can express my feelings by writing without any fears. Here is not any difference between Christianity and other religions. Everyone, men and women, are human and has equal rights to live their life. I would like to mention many things in the United State, and no other countries can be compared to it such as human rights, top ranked universities, diversity of culture ... that makes it the greatest.

I am seeking asylum in the United States. I respectfully submit this letter in support of my claims for asylum under Section 208(a) of the immigration and nationality act of 1952 ("the Act" or "INA") for withholding of removal under section 241(b)(3) of the Act and for relief under Article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment ("Convention Against Torture").

I am seeking asylum, withholding and/or deferral of removal because I am afraid that I will face horrible acts of persecution, death and or torture in Congo on account of my political views.