From a letter first sent to FFI in September 2020. Zelalem continues to be held at Aurora Detention Center in Colorado. Through his lawyer, he recently approved the publishing of his letter and attachments here.

My name is Zelalem Beyene and I am in immigration at ICE detention at Aurora GEO facility. I was eating my lunch on June 26, 2020 and while I was eating I broke my tooth on a piece of metal I found in my rice. I spit out blood and realized my tooth was broken. They then came and took the metal piece and conducted an investigation. Two days went by and they did nothing for my tooth. Finally they took  me to the dentist and couldn't save my tooth, then took it out.

They finished the investigation and concluded that the metal was found in the kitchen from one of their utensils used to serve food. Exhibt A is the grievance I filed after the incident.

Exhibit B is them admitting and saying sorry for my tooth breaking and for the metal in the food.

Exhibit C is my appeal to the grievance.

Exhibit D is them denying to fix my tooth and payment for compensation for pain and suffering.

Is there any way you guys could help me? I don't have anyone else to turn to for help. Thank you for reading this - I hope I hear from you.

Zelalem reached out to FFI in September, 2020 requesting funds and assistance. We learned that CREEC (Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center) had agreed to provide assistance for his medical issue. As of January 11, however, additional correspondence reveals that while CREEC did receive an insurance form from GEO, they indicated they would not be able to file it on his behalf. FFI is continuing to advocate for Zelalem's situation.